I Hope You Had A Good Day by Crunch.

In honor of Day of Dead i want remember a saint in mah life- a pillar of strength in mah youth- someone who’s spirit and laughter reminded me that joy can be found… Continue reading

Knowing It Was You

last night a million steel horses ran violently down deep into the depths moving acids uncovering that that lay rotting screaming before dying men made condoms to contain seas of unrest- a part… Continue reading

Around 50 or so. . .

i would like to die high on a shroom trip under negro sunshine with rhyme scheme and time lak awakening enveloped while june bugs shoot romance eyes at springs turn and my queer… Continue reading

Prose From the Corner: “Faggot Jody”

“Faggot Jody.” A short story by Crunch. 5:49am was not 10:31pm and Faggot Jody knew that when he rolled his frame towards that awful blue light coming from his alarm clock and he… Continue reading

Prose from the Corner: “Spit John and Me

‎”spit john” works down on san pablo twirlin’ store signs for his aunt pam every saturday. i met him there, smilin’ and such. dancing in his skin. I wanted to blow him a… Continue reading

Prose from the Corner: “Blue Prelude”

storytelling is an art to itself. in the Corner we believe in the power of words to create destinies and energy. we also believe that the art of writing is a powerful tool… Continue reading

foto project: womyn who inspire

Continuing with my foto project, these two powerful womyn bright a new light to this journey. a mixture of childlike silliness with props bringing about warm giggles and a sensuous fierceness with cloth… Continue reading

foto project: womyn that inspire

This was the second round of my foto project. Something I have noticed with every session of have with these powerful womyn there is a different theme that is taken on. This particular… Continue reading

foto project: womyn that inspire

This set of fotos is from the very first day filled with magical laughter and amazing womyn. These womyn made the start of this project possible. Being in the sanctuary of their company… Continue reading

foto project: womyn that inspire

i am in the midst of compiling a project involving all the womyn in my life who represent love, strength and the liberation of sisterhood. The vision this project will manifest is a… Continue reading